Protect your research 24/7.

Biological agents, buffers, enzymes and cell cultures must be stored at specific temperatures. And it doesn't stop there. There are also other parameters that need to be tracked every minute of the day. Even a small change in circumstances can be disastrous for your pharmaceutical research.

FreezerData helps you maintain the integrity of essential resources and medicines and monitors your equipment in real time. The platform’s 99.7% uptime guarantee gives you the assurance and peace of mind that your products are continuously protected. The predictive maintenance algorithm continuously analyses your sensor data and warns you when your equipment is about to malfunction.

Track all processes

FreezerData allows you to track temperature, pressure, CO2 and O2 levels, humidity and other parameters via a real-time dashboard. The platform can capture various readings through its built-in sensors and any 4-20mA sensor you connect to it. With GPS connectivity, you can even monitor your systems remotely. In addition, the WiFi module makes it possible to locate a specific sensor in seconds.

Traceability, quality control and reproducibility are a constant part of research and drug development. FreezerData records and stores real-time data so you can use it for process improvements. At the same time, it helps you avoid malfunctions.

FreezerData supports all leading pharmaceutical and laboratory standards, including GMP, GLP, GAMP and FDA 21 CFR section 11. It also allows you to create easy-to-read reports. You can use this for internal and external audits. So you can easily comply with all industry standards!

Meet all industry standards

Compliance with industry standards and strict regulations go hand in hand. In scientific and medical research, these regulations require risk mitigation and process validation. But keeping up with the latest rules can easily become a full-time job. Let FreezerData do the administration for you while you focus on your research. The platform records data from your sensors every minute and stores it forever.

Access your data anywhere

You don’t have to spend hours searching through piles of paper to find the data you need. Dusty files and storage space with outdated security are a thing of the past. With FreezerData, all these concerns disappear in the (digital) clouds. All your data is stored on our secure servers with controlled online access from any device.

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