Cold storage is all about precision.

Every link in the cold chain needs precise temperature control. Varying shelf lives and temperature ranges of the stored goods can make this a challenge. Whether you produce food or use cold storage for your logistics activities, FreezerData ensures that you are aware of your cooling equipment 24/7.
Temperature monitoring freezer

The production, storage and transportation of food products can all be complex processes. In addition, the difference in perishable products only increases this complexity. FreezerData helps you minimise food risk with 99.7% guaranteed uptime and real-time, automated temperature monitoring.

Maintain top quality

FreezerData helps you maintain the top quality of your products. Whether you are a producer with an on-site refrigerated warehouse, an end user who stores temperature-sensitive products in a restaurant or the logistics service provider who stores and ships fresh or frozen products. Our system allows you to monitor multiple environmental parameters such as humidity and temperature. This way you ensure that your products meet all legal requirements.

It doesn't matter where you are in the cold chain. FreezerData helps you move fresh, perishable foods from one side of the world to another without compromising the integrity of these goods. From freezers to cold storage, you want to keep an eye on the temperature and we help you do it with confidence.
Cold storage temperature control

FreezerData is designed to make things easy for you. Our platform not only simplifies your HACCP compliance with audit-friendly reports, but also provides you with the data you need to investigate customer complaints.

Improving sustainability

You probably already know that improved sustainability not only protects the environment, but also improves your business performance. In addition to all the sustainable developments you have undertaken, FreezerData can help you achieve even higher energy efficiency. The platform runs on an AI algorithm that analyses all your historical and current data every minute and helps you avoid equipment failure.

Optimise your cold storage

To protect your cold storage, know that every refrigeration appliance is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. You should also know that if a sensor fails, it will not affect the rest of the system. All devices connected to your FreezerData network work independently. If one of them does not respond, the system will continue to operate. You can even keep a close eye on all units remotely. In addition, our AI algorithm warns you of a malfunction, so that your cold storage always continues to function properly.