Stay on top of your refrigeration equipment.

Each step in the blood transport chain requires specific temperatures to ensure integrity. If it is too cold or too hot, blood and blood components will spoil and become useless. FreezerData is the online platform that monitors and analyses the temperature and other critical parameters 24/7. This prevents unexpected equipment downtime and product loss.
FreezerData vertrouwd door bloedbanken

FreezerData allows you to monitor temperature and other vital parameters even when your products are being transported or stored remotely. This helps you stay in control at all times. This way you create a well-maintained supply chain based on constant temperature control.

Enable real-time monitoring

There is no alternative to blood products that are used daily to save lives. Storing such high-value items requires unfailing continuous monitoring. FreezerData keeps your cooling installations under control, even when no one is around. The system can record data from its own sensors and other 4-20mA sensors you connect to it. It shows all this data through a real-time dashboard.

Whether it's -40ºC for specific blood components or +2ºC, you need to make sure your refrigeration equipment maintains certain temperatures. FreezerData helps you maintain the right temperature and protect your equipment from failure. We enable you to monitor all important parameters from donor to patient.
Monitor de temperatuur

With FreezerData you are always ready for checks! You can create custom reports and full audit trails in accordance with industry standards, including section 11 of the FDA 21 CFR standard and the equipment specifications required by the Dutch Blood Bank Association.

Guarantee product effectiveness

Exact temperatures are essential for the transport and storage of blood. FreezerData’s sensors capture data every minute of the day. With 99.7% uptime, the system is the engineer who always keeps an eye on your refrigeration units. At the same time, the intelligent algorithm enables you to take action before your systems fail. You can rest assured that your products are always stored under the right conditions.

Automatic alarms

Temperature control during processing and storage is key to ensure the quality of blood and blood components. Doing this manually can be time-consuming and waste valuable resources. Not to mention that it’s better to know beforehand if something may go wrong.
FreezerData will notify you automatically if there’s any deviation from your specific temperature settings. The AI algorithm analyses all available data in real-time and alerts you when your on-site or remote equipment starts to show signs of failure.