The future of cooling technology

We created FreezerData to take temperature monitoring to a new level. A combination of twenty years of cooling experience and the latest technology.

We see that temperature monitoring needs an upgrade. That is why FreezerData was founded. To take advantage of technologies such as IoT. So that you can optimally monitor the temperature. But there is much more.

It is possible to manually take the temperature of all your equipment. But this way is outdated. FreezerData takes a modern, proactive approach. Your data is both stored and analysed. This also warns you about future problems.

Your virtual mechanic

FreezerData's AI model contains all the knowledge we have gained during years of maintenance work. This is why we say FreezerData is your "service technician". We built the algorithm internally and learned to spot errors before they happen.

Centralise your data. No vendor lock-in.

FreezerData logs the data from its own sensors and those of OEMs. Everything is stored in a centralised online database. You own your data.

This allows you to input more data points into our AI algorithm. You always get a complete, real-time picture of your systems. In addition, FreezerData can also make maintenance predictions, giving you more time to take action.

Designed to protect your valuable storage.

The platform is designed to monitor and analyse your systems non-stop. This gives you an uptime guarantee of more than 99%.

If the storage environment is a critical factor for your goods, FreezerData is ideal for you. Whether you need to monitor a hundred or a thousand units, you will always receive the latest data on all your refrigeration equipment.

No hidden costs

You do not have to have expensive maintenance contracts. You don't even have to pay us to replace your batteries once a year. Everything is included in the price.

Single point of failure

Even if one of the FreezerData devices for some reason stops working, the others will continue to function. This means less maintenance and more flexibility for you.

Easy installation

FreezerData is compatible with your current network. There is no need to lay new cables or buy new hardware. There is also no need for an on-site IT team for installation. It's plug and play!

Full control

FreezerData gives you the assurance that you are always aware of your system performance. In addition, it helps you to prevent malfunctions at an early stage. You are always in control of your equipment.

Trusted by pioneers

We partner with leading manufacturers to provide our customers with more complete solutions. From refrigeration systems to CO2 incubators, FreezerData integrates with both existing and new equipment.

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