Temperature monitoring for when making mistakes is not an option.

FreezerData is like a non-stop service technician. It measures the temperature and other parameters of every freezer, cold store, and other refrigeration equipment you own. You will be warned before a problem occurs.
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Why FreezerData?

FreezerData is a smart digital and wireless monitoring system that can track the temperature and other parameters of your refrigeration equipment. It warns you immediately in the event of a (potential) problem, so that you can take action in time.
Real-time monitoring

Say goodbye to manually recording data and making human errors. With FreezerData you get a real-time dashboard that shows you the status of all your cooling systems on a smartphone, PC or tablet.

Predict and prevent failures

Did someone leave the freezer door open? You will immediately receive a notification! The AI/ML algorithm analyses all sensors every minute. This allows it to predict when there is a chance of a failure before it occurs.

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Risk-free installation

There are no hidden costs! You don't have to buy expensive hardware upfront, pay annual maintenance fees, or purchase expensive upgrades. The installation is super fast and everything is included in the price.

Easy to use!

FreezerData makes it easy to create reports and show how products are stored. We support all major industry standards, including GxP, GLP, GAMP, HACCP and many others.

Measure everything, everywhere.

You can connect FreezerData to any 4-20mA sensor. You will receive data about pressure, CO2 levels, RH, etc. Thanks to the built-in GSM module, you can monitor your equipment remotely. Are your freezers 100 km away? No problem.

Scale as needed

Scale from 100 to 1,000 to 10,000 FreezerData devices in no time. Since the platform is cloud-connected and all devices communicate with each other independently, adding a new device is as simple as turning it on. FreezerData does the rest.

Keep your refrigeration equipment under control and reduce risk with a smaller investment of time and money.
in total repair costs
in unexpected downtime
Find a permanent solution Not a temporary one

FreezerData helps you with a future-proof system that monitors temperature and other important statistics. In addition, you reduce equipment failures, avoid costly maintenance, and even save energy costs.

With FreezerData you receive new data every minute. All stored in a secure, online database.

Data from each sensor is captured individually and stored in FreezerData's secure cloud database. We maintain historical records of each data point being monitored, along with information about past anomalies, errors and failures.

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  1. Plug-and-play installation
  2. Real-time overview of your cooling systems
  3. AI/ML algorithm predicts failures
  4. Even works in remote areas
  5. Single point of failure
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Our customers
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Who is FreezerData for?

Organisations that have precious assets to protect.

Whether protecting embryos, vaccines, blood or other types of important goods, our customers need refrigeration equipment that always works.

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What is it like to have FreezerData monitor your cooling equipment? Our customers share their stories about how they got to know the platform, how the installation process went and what benefits they realised.
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