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What is FreezerData?

FreezerData is a high-tech digital platform. The system has been developed with expertise from IJskoud BV, which leads the way since 1935 in refrigeration technology. By using innovative technology and algorithms, FreezerData predicts when necessary maintenance must be carried out on cooling installations.

By continuously monitoring the functioning of the cooling installations, the system predicts when a malfunction will occur and indicates when maintenance is needed. This 'predictive maintenance' keeps maintenance costs low and minimizes equipment failure.

Benefits of FreezerData

Many hospitals, laboratories and other research institutions face a number of challenges. These challenges can be solved with predictive maintenance.

Predictive maintenance

Using our 9 smart sensors in each cooling installation, FreezerData can accurately predict when a failure will occur and when your equipment therefore needs maintenance.

Maintenance costs

Are the parts of your cooling system replaced in a fixed cycle? Sometimes devices are even replaced when they could have lasted longer. This is a thing of the past with predictive maintenance.

Equipment failure

Predictive maintenance prevents equipment from unexpectedly failing. The guaranteed continuity of your cooling process gives you security and peace of mind.

Cooling function

If you receive a complaint about a product that has been in your refrigerator, can you prove that the cooling has worked well? With FreezerData you can!

Real-time insight

The clear dashboard of FreezerData gives you an instant overview of the status of your equipment. You can also view detailed reports per device.

Location service

When you have many cooling systems together, the cooling system that needs maintenance can be found quickly thanks to a Bluetooth signal.

FreezerData is a high-tech platform that enables predictive maintenance. The system monitors your cooling installations 24/7, reducing your costs and increasing operational reliability.

How does it work?

A beautiful story. But how does FreezerData actually work?

Internet of Things

All sensors of all cooling installations are connected to the internet and can exchange data, this is also known as "The Internet of Things".

Because all sensors send data independently, a large database with all data is created. This database therefore also indicates when a previous malfunction has occurred.



Machine learning

We have developed an algorithm based on the data from our database. This algorithm can predict when maintenance is required by looking at all previous cases where a failure has occurred.

When a new failure occurs, the algorithm uses it again as new input data and this failure can be prevented the next time. This means that the algorithm learns from the new data that comes in.

Security of data

All your data is stored in our highly secured database. Only FreezerData itself has access to this data and this data is never provided to third parties, unless we are legally obliged to do so.



FreezerData in a minute!

What benefits?

By using FreezerData you can count on the following results.

12% less spending on planned maintenance

The smart sensors of FreezerData measure the condition of your cooling 24/7. These measurements are comparable to the measurements that a refrigeration specialist would perform during preventive maintenance. If our sensors detect deviations, you will be notified immediately. This allows you to postpone the frequency of the preventive maintenance and in some cases even leave it entirely to FreezerData.

30% less repair costs

By detecting deviations in time, extra damage to your cooling can be prevented, as well as the associated high costs.

70% less unplanned downtime

Since your cooling system is monitored 24/7, we see a malfunction arriving on time. This allows you to take action before an installation fails.

For whom?

FreezerData can be used by many different companies. Below are some examples.


Hospitals have many cooling installations in which the temperature is critical, because they contain expensive medicines, research products or other substances. FreezerData is the optimal solution for this, because all cooling installations are closely monitored all the time.

Refrigerated and freezer containers

Many products have to be transported under a certain temperature. Here, too, FreezerData is the perfect solution, because quick action can be taken in the event of an upcoming malfunction or maintenance. Even during transport.


It is important for laboratories that the temperature in cooling installations is carefully monitored, because the temperature often has to be kept at a constant level. If this goes wrong, a costly research project can fail. With FreezerData, a notification is sent as soon as the temperature deviates only a fraction from the set temperature.

Many others

In addition to these examples, there are numerous other applications for FreezerData. Does your organization use cooling installations and do you want to monitor them accurately? Then FreezerData is also for you!

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